Every detail of your wedding day is important to you and because it is important to you it is important to us too!

We approach every wedding day uniquely. We arrive on the day with a certain understanding of the things that need to be captured but also with an open mind, with open eyes and ears, ready to capture the things that make your wedding uniquely yours.

Our shooting style is largely documentary style, removing ourselves from the action as best we can to allow the focus to remain on you, your your guests and the love we are all there to celebrate, jumping in only during a few key moments to suggest prompts that might help to add motion and emotion.

We also like to get to know eachother as best we can before your wedding. We understand you are currently planning a wedding which requires a lot of your time but if possible we’d love to meet in person at some point or jump on a call to chat. When we show up at your wedding we don’t want to be strangers, so at the very least, let’s be Instagram friends!

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let US handle your wedding day with ease as we capture every detail in still + motion


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frequently asked

Yes of course!

We love that we are able to offer both photo and video but we do also accept single service weddings.

Are you available for just one of your services ?

Absolutely not!

We love working with other vendors :) 

If we book with you for one service, is it awkward if we hire someone else for the other?

Over the years we have works at dozens of wedding venues so there is a chance that we have worked at yours (especially if your wedding will be in Lancaster county).

Either way though, we are always excited to get inspired by a new venue.

Have you ever worked at our Venue?

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